Sky Cloud Ceiling Light Panels with photo images Standard sizes 2 foot x 4 foot size.                Sky Cloud Ceiling Light Lens diffuser Light Panels, $39.95 + s/h

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Ceiling Dome Art Sizes 60 inch - 90 inches diameter and larger are available.

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1675 Dogwood St.
Sweet Home, Oregon USA 97386
USA: Phone:

* Open Hours *
8am to 6pm
Pacific Time
Monday thru Friday
Closed Weekends and Holidays

NOTE:We Welcome Custom Art

Ceiling Dome Designs

Wisteria Flowers

Custom Ceiling Art Dome Designs Welcome

Ceiling Dome Art Sizes 60 inch - 90 inches diameter and larger are available.

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Sweet Home, Oregon USA 97386
Phone: 1-541-359-4708

* Open Hours *
8am to 6pm
Pacific Time
Monday thru Friday
Closed Weekends and Holidays

Sky and Cloud Ceiling Light Diffuser Lens Replacement Panels
sky ceiling cloud light lens # PINK TREE SKYPANELS  = USD $39.95 ea. + S/H size = H. 47.75 inch x W. 23.75 inch

Decorative Sky Ceiling Light Lens Designs

Sky Cloud Ceiling Lens Panels
Fluorescent Ceiling Lens Cover Designs

Sky Image Photos in Acrylic Ceiling Light Diffusers Lenses

Not the Cheap Polystyrene!!    100% ACRYLIC. Under normal conditions will last up 20 Years!!
   Sky Ceiling Panels, Standard Size = 23.75" Inches X 47.75" Inches

Price ea . $54.95 + S/H.    NOW ON SALE Only:    $ 39.95 Ea + S/H

Easy To Install. Just Replace Your Existing Clear Light Panel!
After reading the shipping notes below, Click a photo to see a larger image and Order information or our Emails |

sky ceiling cloud light lens Item # CUMULUS I ... Price $39.95 + S/H
sky ceiling cloud light lens Item # cumulus2 ... Price $39.95 + S/H
sky ceiling cloud light lens Item # Stratus Sky ... Price $39.95 + S/H

#Cumulus 1 Sky Diffuser                # Cumulus 2 Sky Diffuser                # Stratus Sky Diffuser
In Stock                            In Stock                                              In Stock

sky ceiling cloud light lens Item # Cirrus Sky Diffuser ... Price $39.95 + S/H
sky ceiling cloud light lens Item # Palm Tree Sky ... Price $39.95 + S/H
sky ceiling cloud light lens Item # Hot Air Balloons ... Price $39.95 + S/H

# Cirrus Clouds Sky                # Tropics Palm Sky                # Hot Air Balloons Sky
In Stock                                            In Stock.                                     In Stock

sky ceiling cloud light lens Item # Pink Tree Sky Diffuser ... Price $39.95 + S/H
sky ceiling cloud light lens Item # Kite Sky Diffuser ... Price $39.95 + S/H
sky ceiling cloud light lens Item # Jacaranda1 ... Price $39.95 per pack + S/H

# Pink Tree Sky                      # Kites Sky                       # Jacaranda Tree Sky
        In Stock                          In Stock                        In Stock

To Order:    Click one of the above photos to order from our secure shopping cart

Item # Sky Panel Installation Clips ... Price $2.00 per pack + S/H

# Installation Clips
In Stock

NOTE: Our flexible metal clips are replacements for the existing plastic clips in your fluorescent light panel troffer frames.
They prevent bowing of the panels.
Our manufacturer suggests using these clips.
Each package contains 8 clips and is good for one 2' X 4' Sky Panel.
Price: $2.00 per pack.


   Click one of the above Photos to Order

A shipping price for 1-12 panels per box at a cost of $16.86 for the first box,
$20.95 for the 2nd box.
$31.25 for the 3rd. box.


Please read this carefully before ordering
Our shopping cart will automaticly add the appropriate shipping to your panels order quantity at the end of your purchase
You will be asked for your postal zip code to add the shipping.
Shipping 1 Box (1-12) pcs

Shipping (1 - 12) pcs
14x14x25 box
Shipping via Fed Ex
TOTAL Shipping Price = USD $16.86

larger image
Lens Installation Clips
Ceiling Light Diffuser Lens Clips
# 111009 Lens Installation Clips
Size: 2' X 4'
1 Pack. 8pcs per pack, Price= $2.00
Weight: 0.44 Lbs.
Shipping = $0.42
Total = USD $2.42

Shipping 2 boxes (13 - 24) pcs

Shipping 2 Boxes
Shipping (13 - 24) pcs
(2)- size 14x14x25 boxes
Shipping via Fed Ex
TOTAL Shipping Price = USD $20.95

Shipping 3 boxes (25-36) Pcs

Shipping 3 Boxes
Shipping (25 - 36) pcs
(3)- size 14x14x25 boxes
Shipping via Fed Ex
TOTAL Shipping Price = USD $31.25

After choosing your panels from one of the photos above,
click ADD TO CART. You may change the quantity of your panels order on the Paypal page.
YOU MUST hit the CONTINUE SHOPPING, and return to any of the pages for adding other designs or clips.

If you have trouble or questions just send us an EMAIL or Phone: 1-541-359-4708.
Phone orders can also be processed by calling 1-541-359-4708

large orders over 36 panels,or for international orders outside the USA. EMAIL Artfiberglass? For Information :
We do not want anyone to pay more than necessary.


Our Sky and Cloud panels are shipped 1-12 panels per box at a cost of $16.86 for the first box,
$20.95 for the second box, and $31.25 for three or more boxes (excluding AK, HI).
The boxes will always be shipped at a maximum of 12 panels per box.
For prices for AK, HI, or international shipping please CONTACT US before you order.

All panels are shipped in 14x14x25 boxes with no more than twelve panels per box.
All panels are shipped within 3-5 business days using FED-EX.

If you have questions Email us for your order information

Or Write;
Sweet Home, Oregon USA 97386
Phone: 1-541-359-4708

We now offer Custom Larger area Light Lenses and Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
Custom ceiling light lens printing
Custom Ceiling Lights
Custom Acoustic Tiles
printed With custom Photo images

Oregon Spring Sky. Photo taken By Larry Pruitt Artfiberglass May 30, 2001
Lovely sky in eastern Oregon In early Spring, "The Strawberry Mtns."
WWW.ARTCEILING.COM is owned and operated by Artfiberglass?


Our Sky Cloud Panels brings a soothing breath of the outdoors... inside for a relaxing and warm sunny atmosphere to any room.
They are custom designed replacement diffuser light lens panels that replace the existing diffusers over flat panel fluorescent lighting fixtures.

Our Sky and Clouds Ceiling panels help to reduce harsh glare while providing a pleasant and calming visual experience.
Excellent for replacing your commercial or residential 2' X 4' suspended ceiling light lens panels.

What are our lens panels made of ?

The 2' X4' Sky and Cloud photo panels are made of 100% acrylic material.
The images are screen printed onto the panels and have a 10 year exterior UV protection coating.
Under normal indoor lighting conditions our panels can last up to 20 years.

How do you install our sky and cloud panels ?

Our standard 2' X 4' foot acrylic panels are very easy to install.
Most installation can be installed in minutes with minimal effort and only a few simple tools.
Our standard size panels are designed to fit most fluorescent troffer fixtures. They are 24" x 48". You can trim them with easily using a simple razor knife to fit smaller sizes.

Do our Acrylic sky and cloud panels cut down on the amount of light output?

Our translucent acrylic sky photo image panels remove unwanted glare and harsh lighting effects.
At first, it might seem slightly darker in the area, but you will notice an improvement in the quality and effectiveness of your light.
In some cases, our panels have helped to reduce headaches and migraines caused from fluorescent lights.

What Light Bulbs are best to use?


What side of the panel should face up ?

Either side of the panel will work. Our panels provide the same great look with either side facing up.
Although we do suggest having the image side face down as it looks better to most people.

Do I have to cut a hole in my ceiling to install the acrylic panels?

No. Simply replace your existing fluorescent light diffusers. They do not require any special modifications to your ceiling providing you already have the existing flat panels installed in your existing troffers.

Is there a warranty that comes with the Sky and Cloud Panels?

Our manufacturer warrants that the panels shall conform in size, cut and color to the specifications indicated on the order.
Artfiberglass? shall have no liability to the customer with respect to any defect in the panels caused by improper storage, usage or other conditions not within the control of Artfiberglass?.

What is the return policy?

Customers can return the panels up to 30 days as long as they are in the same condition as when they where shipped.
However, there will be no refund on shipping and handling costs.

BANK CARD PURCHASE (Other than our Shopping Cart)
IMPORTANT !!!     To Purchase Custom Orders or if you have an international Order :
After contacting us to get your shipping costs and full custom order price,
you may use PayPal to accept credit cards.
Paypal Charges a transaction Fee. You Need to pay this 3% to your total.
To keep our costs down we do not add this fee in the price unless it is neccesary to save those who wish to pay using other methods such as Money Order or Certified Bank Draft.
The fee is included on the shopping cart pages. So this only is a concern to international orders, orders in alaska or Hawaii, custom or large orders,
In this way we can also ship internationally.
If you are ready to purchase your custom order, simply click the banner below that is a direct link to the Paypal website.
Otherwise just click one of the photos above.

* Open Hours * 8am to 6pm Pacific Time - Monday thru Friday (Closed Weekends and Holidays)

Email Artfiberglass? For Information :
Or Write;
Sweet Home, Oregon USA 97386
Phone: 1-541-359-4708

We have several websites.
Below are links to Other items on Our Artfiberglass? Websites.
Artfiberglass? is our registered business name for those interested.





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Sweet Home, Oregon USA 97386
USA: Phone 1-541-359-4708

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