Artfiberglass Standard Art Designs

Our standard 24" x 60" art designs.
We have many to choose from. Light passes thru like stained glass.
But unlike stained glass or obscure glass thes are unbreakable !
You may just need these for a storm window or to block a view you dont like.Just adding these to an existing glazing is easy.
To Order Use Product Number Below

# 563 Dolphin ----- # 560 Flamingo ----- # 561 Geese ----- # 562 Geese

# 565 Iris ----- # 568 Art Shapes --- # bs181 Flower ----- #bs22 Rose
Smaller will fit 2'x4'

# bs23 Flower ---- #bs24 Flower ---- #bs29 Dove ---- #bs30 Dove

Use these in your bathroom window or add a set for your shower and window panel or overhead lighting.

Write to: Artfiberglass
1675 Dogwood St.
Sweet Home, Oregon USA 97386
Ph: 1-541-359-4708

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