Samples of Artfiberglass Translucent Ceiling, Door, Window Art

Here you can see actual photos of standard color art designs.
We have many to choose from. Light passes thru like stained glass.
Unlike stained glass or obscure glass these are unbreakable !
You may just need these for a storm window, or to block a view you dont like.
They are great ceiling art for your light diffuser also.
Or Just adding these to an existing glazing is easy.

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NOTE: #BS045 Koi Fish image was shot out doors in natural light.
The others are photographed indoors against a white sheetrock wall.
koi fish art                          

# BS045                                               # BS023                                                    # BS033


# WO569                                                                             # BS035

More photos here. AND Here

Order # WIN49 Top Only

Use these in your bathroom window or ad a set for your shower and window panel or wall or overhead lighting.


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