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Artfiberglass Translucent Dome Ceiling Art #46

Ceiling Dome Art To Light Up Your Life
Ceiling Dome Ceiling Art               Custom Ceiling Art Dome Designs               Custom Ceiling Art Ceiling Dome Designs Welcome
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See Artfiberglass being made and Installation

NEW ! 90 inch x 18 inch. Diameter CeilingDome
The center ceiling dome above is one of our 10 foot custom dome ceilings.
Beautifully designed, handmade art in an elegant traditional Asian Batik pattern in our translucent Fiberglass Ceiling Dome.
This architectural lighting ceiling dome will beautify your Home, Business or office.
Artfiberglass ceiling domes are strong and lightweight and translucent.
Handmade construction guarentees you get only the highest quality.
Architectural lighting dome ceiling for recessed lighting options in your home or office.
Perfect for your ceiling with a light above to give to look of stained glass.
With our strong welded steel frame construction, and many nuts welded to the back side of the frame
Easily attached eye bolts or any hardware to hang it from the above structure with wire cables or long bolt stock.
we can fit your dome with the ability to install your crystal, glass, hanging light, or ceiling fan.
Or have the center flat to access your lighting above. click HERE or the photo of the frame above to see a closer look.
You can customize your design, or change colors.

Curved Dome sizes start at 5' foot diameter and larger.       #C53037 Ceiling dome
Smaller ceilings are possible using the method, Click the photo above left.

Our New 5' - 90 inch Dome Designs
90 Inch is the Max size to fit 1 pc in a shipping container
Larger Domes can be made on request.

Ceiling Dome Art Ceiling Dome Art Designs Welcome       Ceiling Dome Art Ceiling Dome Art Designs Welcome       Ceiling Dome Art Ceiling Dome Art Designs Welcome       Ceiling Dome Art Ceiling Dome Art Designs Welcome
Design D25806                               Design D53066                               Design D53067                               Design D53068

Ceiling Dome Art Ceiling Dome Art Designs Welcome                             Ceiling Dome Art Ceiling Dome Art Designs Welcome
6 foot dome Design # C53004                     72" Dome, Standard Colors, Design #C53036

Standard Translucent Color Choices
Many more dome design ideas
Just look up!
See how plain your ceiling is now ?
Don't you think a little color and art would give some elegance to your ceiling?
A flat ceiling, Or a domed ceiling, can be custom made to order in just a few weeks.

Ceiling Dome Art Ceiling Dome Church Art Designs                            Ceiling Dome Art Ceiling Dome Art Designs Welcome
See Our 16 ft Church Dome Project                   Ceiling Dome #C53018

To Custom Order a dome ceiling art Design, just Email or call us, 541-359-4708 For A free Quote
To Order Use Product Number Below this picture.

Please feel free to print these images and design your own custom color scheme.

We have several other 5' - 10' Foot Designs. Art Design C53036 can be made 3.5' ft - 20' foot size in a flat panel.
shipping is a problem for larger sizes.
Our dome sizes beginning at 5 foot diameter,
Designs can be cut into segments is easier for handling and shipping.

    Koi Fish Art for our new 90 inch ceiling dome
koi fish art               Ceiling Dome Koi Fish Art Ceiling Dome Design
New Koi Fish 90" Inch Dome Art Design

Ceiling Dome Art Ceiling Dome Art Designs Welcome        Ceiling Dome Art Ceiling Dome Art Designs Welcome

Ceiling Dome Art Design #c53036 drawing              Dome Art # E-12
( Click photo to see larger image)

Ceiling Dome Art has been popular for centuries in Europe and Asia and other places in the world.
It is about time we caught up.
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Email us for Artfiberglass Ceiling Art Domes Pricing
Please put an AF in the subject line.

Larry Pruitt
Sweet Home, Oregon 97386
Ph: 1-541-359-4708

IMPORTANT !!!     To Purchase: If the shipping is not posted here, After contacting us to get your shipping costs and full price,
you can use PayPal to accept bank cards.

* Open Hours * 8am to 6pm Pacific Time - Monday thru Friday (Closed Weekends and Holidays)

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8 foot dome drawing design   Click Here

6 foot dome drawing design   Click Here

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ceiling,dome,art,light,diffuser,Fluorescent,translucent,fiberglass,cieling,glass,skylights,domes,handmade,construction,flowers,artistic,flourecent,Asian,artwork,Chinese,stained glass,lighted,fluorecent,defuser,Kitchen,custom,designs,picture,artfiberglass,Eugene,Oregon,USA,Malaysia,architectural,lighting
ceiling,dome,art,light,diffuser,Fluorescent,translucent,fiberglass,cieling,glass,skylights,domes,handmade,construction,flowers,artistic,flourecent,Asian,artwork,Chinese,stained glass,lighted,fluorecent,defuser,Kitchen,custom,designs,picture,artfiberglass,Eugene,Oregon,USA,Malaysia,architectural,lighting
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