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Artfiberglass is a very beautiful and strong translucent art panel perfect for ceiling diffusers or windows
If you have a display cabinet in your workplace.
Inset Artfiberglass Panels with lighting behind them for a beautiful artistic display.
Custom art designs available on request.
When Koy Fish are jumping up, The Chinese tradition is this is very good luck.
These designs can be made in 2' x 4' ft sizes

To Order Use Product Number Below
ceiling art       ceiling art       ceiling art
# bs40 Seagull            # bs41 Koy Fish            # bs42 Koy Fish
ceiling art       ceiling art       ceiling art
# bs43 Koy Fish            # bs45 Koy Fish and Lotus Flower            # bs47 White Stork

Standard color and design 2'x4' panels are only $89.00 ea. + S/H

ceiling art
Order # vpbird --- Birds and Vines
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