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Larry Pruitt's
1675 Dogwood St.
Sweet Home, Oregon 97386
Ph: 1-541-359-4708

To Order is easy.

  • #1. Just choose a design
    Artfiberglass Prices for our standard color and design 2' X 4' panels are $103.00 ea. + S/H.
    Prices for our standard design 2' X 2' panels are $55.95 ea + S/H.
    Larger sizes for shower doors, sidelights, etc., prices are approx, $12.89 per square foot + Shipping and Handling from the factory in Asia to you.
    Custom Designs and colors, Depending on the percentage of color in the panels and the difficulty of the artwork. These are quoted direct from the factory.
  • #2. Send us an Email (Please put "AF in the subject line) we get tons of spam. This is so we don't delete you by accident. We loose a few this way. So Please write back if you don't hear from us.
  • #3. Be sure to send the page and design number with your order along with size, Quantity of Panels, and any other requirements.
  • #4. We need your complete shipping address, (At time of order we will need your phone number for US Customs.) to give you your complete quote from the factory in Asia to your door.
  • #5. If you have a Custom Design, you must submit the drawing or picture to us in a JPG format. We will then email it to the Art Department to get you a price quote.
    If you have any questions feel free to call or email us and we will get you an answer as soon as we can.

  • #6. Pay by Credit Card Below or
    Make your Checks Payable to:
    1675 Dogwood St.
    Sweet Home, Oregon 97386
    Phone: 1-541-359-4708

    * Open Hours * 9am to 5pm Pacific Time - Monday thru Friday (Closed: Saturday, Sunday and Holidays)
    Artfiberglass has been serving the world with fine art since 1999

    International Orders

  • Credit Cards
    We have linked with PAYPAL to handle your credit card purchase. You do not need to join Paypal to use it.
    Important !! You must contact us first !
    We will make a quote for your items with your shipping and handling included.

    You then may make payment by using our merchant account at Paypal,
    Local Checks which must clear before the order is made.

    Our Merchant account at Paypal makes ordering fast and simple !

    Order using your credit card simply by clicking on the Graphic Banner Link Below.

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    Artfiberglass panel Standard Designs have been running about $12.89 USD per square foot now + S/H. from the factory in Asia to you.
    (Custom and small sizes are more.)
    Higher costs for shipping have increased. We will try to get you the best price for shipping we can.
    Small orders can be sent air freight larger best by ocean freight.

    As we custom order the Artfiberglass from a great distance, ( SE Asia ). Shipping by air Is A costly affair.
    But the end product is a very good value even with shipping compared to "Leaded" or "Stained glass". and even the printed photo panels are about the same price after our panels are shipped.

    We Ship small courier orders via Air Freight to your door direct from the factory.

    All our ceilings are custom made to order direct from the factory.
    These panels and ceiling domes are made by hand.
    It takes a 3 day process at least to make each panel.
    Ceiling domes take about 1 month to produce.
    Shipping a dome via Ocean freight is the most economical way. at about $120.00 per cubic meter via LCL shipping. We can get up to 58" Inch wide panels in the Air Freight container.
    The Factory can make much larger size panels, but it must ship via Ocean Freight.

    The largest container opening is 90 inches. so we have some new 90 inch ceiling domes.
    Malaysian Airlines and DHL will airship larger panels.
    ( We shipped this Dome by air to Atlanta Georgea ) Ceiling Dome
    We use the Malaysian Postal Service called "Poslaju". They have been our lowest priced air courier.

    For a custom art designed order, please send us a copy of your art design.
    We will submit it for estimate and get back to you.
    Allow 90 days for shipping. Small orders can be shipped by air frieght. Usually the turnaround is about 5 to 6 weeks.

    Contact us for details.
    Email or call for further information at:

    1675 Dogwood St.
    Sweet Home, Oregon 97386
    Phone 1-541-359-4708

    Artfiberglass Is A Very Durable Product. Standard 3mm thickness, ( about 1/8th inch + or - ).
    It is nearly Unbreakable. Easily Cut With Any Saw.
    Use for anything you can imagine, Ceilings, Flourecent Ceiling Diffuser Light Panels, portable wall dividers, windows, signs, Hot Tub enclosures,
    Table tops, counter or showcase, Storm Windows, even skylights, doors, overhead suspended Fluorecent lighting.
    Artfiberglass can be heated and bent with a heat gun and applied to a steel dome frame.
    Use for backlit wall lights, ceiling panels, side lights, shower panels,
    Even a wall display with Fluorecent lights behind it or a counter display.
    Use in a Hospital, Recovery room, Doctor, or Dentists office. In the lighted ceiling defuser to give your clients something more beautiful to look at.
    Or a grocery store.
    Department Store With Fluorecent Ceiling diffuser panels With Lights above to show your different sections.
    Vegatables, Childrens, Meat, Etc.
    These are just some of the ideas.
    It can be made smooth finish or rough. 2 sides or 1.
    We send you the panels and you can get them set in frames at your local cabinet shop or bath fixture company or what ever your application is. Or you can install them your self.

    We now in addition to Artfiberglass, beautiful new Jade, Bone, and Marble Stone carving sculpture art factory direct from China.
    We arrange shipping these direct from the factory to your door also.
    Now anyone can enjoy these with out the trouble of going thru several sources to get these products.
    We only work with trusted well established artists.
    We are experienced in this work sinced 1998.
    We have family working with us in China to make this a painless safe process direct at the source.
    No trading companies or middlemen and agents.
    Direct from the carvers in most cases unless we see something out of the ordinary.
    So you don't need to send your money blindly to China as we are in the USA!

    Jade Carving         Artfiberglass Bone Carving Art

    Factory Direct Stone Carving

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    1675 Dogwood St.
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