Artfiberglass, have specialized in the manufacturing of Artistic Fiberglass Translucent Panels from Asia since 1999. We work directly with the factory making custom orders for our clients artistic needs. Our factory manufactures to the highest quality standards that will allow many years of trouble-free use. The factory has been making these beautiful handmade art panels for over 25 years. Selling all over Asia, Japan, and China. We are the only authorized company representing the factory in the USA.

Our handmade ceiling and door art products are hand laid fiberglass panels designed and crafted to suit your needs with all of the art and color sealed inside the panel. It's up to your application. You can apply to Dome Ceilings, Ceiling Diffusers, doors, windows, posters, Shower screens, table tops, ceilings, partitions, walls, Displays, counters, costrels, Lighting, Storm windows, and storm doors, road sign panels, sign boards,
Company logos, trays and lot's more.

Panel, Color, Design, Art or wording can be any shape and size. No limitation. More than 4000 Designs are waiting for you. Your own custom design is welcome. Free Quotes.

Art Fiberglass has a lot of specialty uses that are suitable to apply many different applications:

  • Free from maintenance
  • Chemical resistant
  • Flexible
  • UV light resistance
  • Excellent Insulation resistance
  • Dirt resistance
  • Flame Retardant Available
  • Artistic design
  • Light weight -- approximately 4.2kg per sq meter
  • Small quantity can be delivered by courier service
  • Unbreakable
  • Easy bending & alteration by
    -- Jig saw
    -- Hand saw
    -- Circular saw
    -- Heat Gun

  • Easy shipment & installation
We Now Offer Beautiful Custom Made To Order Photo Images printed on high quality Acrylic panels. Used for Ceiling Light Diffuser Lens for suspended ceilings. The factory will make multi panel images on many designs. Click HERE for more information.

Sweet Home, Oregon USA 97386
USA: Phone: 1-541-359-4708

Translucent Ceiling art, Ceiling Light Lens Art, Ceiling Dome Art, Door Art.

Latest News!
We travel to China several times a year aquiring large jade and marble carvings for our clients.
We now have a partner business in Asia for faster reliable service at any time.
We also have fine expert artist sculptors in Asia
You can see photos of these projects CLICK HERE FOR THE LATEST 2014 Offerings Also See and our new WWW.MARBLECARVE.COM Marble Sculpture websites.
Additionally If there is something we can find for you in China and Asia, just send and email we will try to find it.

Have a nice day! Kind Regards, Larry Pruitt, Artfiberglass.

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