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These Beautiful Asian Koi Fish Art Designs are great for door and shower door panels
Artfiberglass can be back lighted for wall decoration or ceiling lights.

Many sizes available.
Most of the next designs image sizes are 2 foot X 5 foot. and can be used in 2'x4'
The factory in Malaysia can easily add more clear area around these designs to make larger panels.
Or some can be cut down, sometimes loosing some of the image area for smaller panels.
The Choice is yours.
We Do Custom Work on request.
koi fish art                          koi fish art

#BS045 Koi Fish Art                      B992168 Koi Fish Art Also available in 2'x4' size
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Ceiling Dome Koi Fish Art Ceiling Dome Design
New Koi Fish 90" Inch Ceiling Dome Art Design

Solid Marble Sculpture from marblecarve.com

Special custom Order Item
Solid hand carved marble Koi Fish art sculpture with inlays of other stone to give a natural Koi appearance
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