Jade Bed Carving, Ming Dynasty Carving From China

jade bed carving

Very Old Historic Jade Bed Carving.
Exceptional Quality with many fine detailed carvings.
Hand Crafted, Jade Marrage Bed

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Dragon God Jade Bed,
We are told this is the original Chinese Empress's, (Peraduan), Marrage Bed Carving.
If True, This jade bed Carving was From China many many years ago
Exact Age Unknown

Family Heirloom.
Ming Dynasty 1368-1644
Made in China.
This bed Was For Sale but no longer, However we should be able to commission a similar made for you..

Jadeite Hardness : 6.5 - 7 mohs scale / Friedrich Mohs (1773-1839)
We think this bed is not a true jade but what is called South Jade in China which is really Bowenite.
Bowenite is a type of Serpentine stone they have called jade for years and years in China and do to this day.
However it is a bit softer than true jade.

We have been told this is a very old, rare peice of chinese Jade art.
We have no proof of this. As we are told this historic bed was given from the emporor of china to his daughter as a wedding gift and sent by a fleet of ships to the south seas.
We have never seen such an ornate jade bed and anything is possible.

Size of jade bed : 210 x 180 x 220 (cm).
Ornament : Dragon God.
Jade Weight : 1.5 tons.

We aquired these Jade bed Photos in November 2005. But as of april of 2007 we believe it may still be for sale.

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We are not sure this jade bed is still available, but it is possible they will still sell it.

Jade Lamp

This Jade Lamp is also from this collection and is for sale.

Not to confuse anyone, but the above jade bed is not the same bed as pictured below that is in the Jakarta museum.
jade bed carving

This jade bed is a copy. It looks a very different.
This is a "replica" of the Chinese Empress's, (Peraduan), Bed.
This is in the Purna Bhakti Pertiwi museum in Jakarta Indonesia.
The museum stores the belongings of the former President of Indonesia, Soeharto.
This particular jade bed was made of the green jade-jadeite from the Yunan province, China.
It's size is 2.77 meter in length, 2.14 meter in width.
They imitated the Chinese Empress bed in the Sung Dynasty (960-1279) and the Ming Dynasty (1384-1644).

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