Ceiling Dome Art 10 foot

Custom Ceiling Art Dome Designs Welcome
This 10 foot X 2ft dome was custom made to match the clients stone marble tiles.
Custom colors are additional.
When mixing pigments to the standard colors, they may become more opaque.
So keep this in mind when making custom colors.
If your ceiling dome is to be backlighted, be sure to have enough clear are in your design and standard color to let light thru.
White and black are the most solid and no light will pass thru.
All the art and color are applied by hand and sealed inside the Artfiberglass translucent panels.

Custom Ceiling Art Dome Designs Welcome

Custom Ceiling Art Dome Designs Welcome

Beauty and Well Constructed and engineered for strength and long life.
These ceiling domes are strong and lightweight.
Handmade welded steel construction guarentees you get only the highest quality.
They will easily support your ceiling light in the center.
We can fit your dome with hardware to install any hanging light.
You can customize your design or change colors.
Or To Custom Order a dome ceiling art Design, just Email us For A free Quote

Allow 30 days for manufacture.
Shipping is an additional 4-6 weeks by air and 60 - 90 days by ocean freight.

All our domes are custom made to order from Asia.
To shorten the time, you may also have your dome frame made localy at most any sheet metal shop
Then simply custom order our Artfiberglass panels to be installed on site. Air shipping time is 4-6 weeks.
As Artfiberglass is easily cut with a saw allow 1 inch additional size to panel segments for an on site perfect fit.
Thickness of the artfiberglass is approxamately 3 mm thickness.+/-.

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Open Hours: 8:00 AM - 5PM Monday thru fridays west coast time.


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