Ceiling Art Dome Designs Welcome

Ceiling Dome Frame

Custom Ceiling Art Dome Designs Welcome
This is a custom made 10 foot Dome frame.
The largest single dome we can fit in a shipping container is 90" Inches.
Larger frames must be made in sections to fit in a shipping container then assembled on site.
Shipping a large ceiling dome is best by Ocean freight.
Air shipping from the factory in Asia to you is possible but very expensive.
We do not stock these domes they are all custom made to order direct from the factory in Asia.

Custom Ceiling Art Dome Designs Welcome

Well Constructed and engineered for strength and long life.
These ceiling domes are strong and lightweight.
Handmade construction guarentees you get only the highest quality.
They will easily support your ceiling light in the center.
We can fit your dome with hardware to install any hanging light.
You can customize your design or change colors.
Or To Custom Order a dome ceiling art Design, just Email us For A free Quote

In this photo you can see how a ceiling dome is installed.
With many steel nuts welded to the back of the frame,
there are many places to attach eye bolds for suspending with wire cables from the above frameworks.

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Click Here to see the completed 10 foot dome.


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