Jade Carving Sculpture Jade Carvings from China 2005

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Dushan Mountain Jade Sculpture art Carvings

Jade carvings Factory Direct From Central China. This is the first page of 7 that show past beautiful factory direct jade carvings from 2005.
We left them here for you to enjoy. See the current Jade Carvings 7/2008
Carving style of the Jade Carvers we work with in central China is unique. It is very rare these get out of the country.
We have seen a few of these jade carvings in shops in Shanghai and Beijing going 10 times our prices.
We can get this type of sculpture carvings for you direct from the carvers. However, the Dushan Mountain jade is nearly gone after nearly 6000 years of mining so we are not sure how long it will last. Click the "More Information" links to see a larger photo.
If you like a sculpture, as these are long sold, we can find a similar carving for you and send a photo.
These are all in China. We have an excellent shipping agent and a partner office now in Wuhan China for fast reliable service.

Email Us at mail@artfiberglass.com or artfiber1@yahoo.com For information and Prices.
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jade carvings#CN1312
Approx. 30" tall.
Beautiful Lady Jade Carving.
This fine carving is detailed with the most valuable Solid Dushan Mtn. Jade.
size = H. 30 inch x W. 30 inch
Dushan Mountain Jade Carving

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The carvings on this group of pages was taken back in 2005
But we keep them on here so you can see some of the beautiful artwork. All were in China.

Some history on Dushan Mountain jade from wikipedia.org Search for "Jade".
"As early as 6000 B.C. Dushan Jade has been mined. In the Yin Ruins of Shang Dynasty (1,600 B.C. to 1,050 B.C.) in Anyang, Dushan Jade ornaments was unearthed in the tomb of the Shang kings. Jade was used to create many utilitarian and ceremonial objects, ranging from indoor decorative items to jade burial suits. Jade was considered the "imperial gem".
jade carvingsJade carving #CN1313
Approx 12" tall
Polar Bears on Iceburg.
This fine carving is detailed with the most valuable Solid Dushan Mtn. Jade.
size = H. 12 inch x W. 14 inch
Dushan Mountain Jade Carving

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Shipped From China
Dushan Jade

jade carvingsJade carving #CN1314
Approx 30 " tall
Village life in China.
This fine carving is detailed white and green color jades.
Notice the man pouring tea and the river looks life - like.
Size = approx H. 30 inch x W. 30 inch.
Solid Dushan Mountain Jade Carving

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Shipped Direct from China.

Lavender Agate Buddha#CN1315
Approx 10" tall Buddha
Also a geode with birds.
This fine carving is detailed with lavender color agate called Manau in China.
size = H. 10 inch x W. 8 inch
Lavender Agate Stone Carvings

Some of these Geodes have water trapped inside from when they were formed in the earth.

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Shipped from China.

White Jade BuddhaJade carving #CN1316
Approx. 2ft+ tall
Large White Jade Happy Buddha.
We have a wonderful carver that makes the best large white jade Buddhas
Email us if you would like one.
This fine jade carving is from beautiful solid white color jade on this very happy Buddha.
SOLD EMAIL US for order info. We can get more made
Size = H. approx. 24 inch+ x W. 30 inches
Real Sichuan White Jade Carving

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Shipping From China additional

jade carvingsJade carving #CN1317
Approx. 10" tall"
Jade Carving of Hen Watching Baby Chicks.
This fine jade carving is natural jade.
approx size = H. 10 inch x W. 14 inch.
Dushan Mountain Jade Carving

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Jade carving#CN1318
approx 18" + tall
Jade Carving of a Hen watching babies in vegetable garden.
The carving is very detailed.
I am sorry for the poor photo, but it is worth a look.
size = H. 18 inch x W. 14 inch Dushan Mountain Jade Carving

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We just received news March 2007 that the China government has closed Dushan Mountain to mining jade.
except for 1 single government operated company for special occasions.
All of the hundreds of carvers in the area will not be able to get more Dushan Jade.
Be ready for prices to skyrocket on this Dushan Mountain jade as it is nearly gone.

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A little text information found on the internet about Dushan Jade sorry it was written by someone with poor english but maybe it will give a little information oh Dushan Jade.

Dushan jade is a kind of anorthosite with , is constitute by various minerals, belong to many color jades.
Dushan Jade can come in 7 possible colors.
Mineral composition,
the chemistry composition is extremely special. The main mineral composition is a white inclined long stone, white stone , is a jade-green color chrome mica secondly, light green deeply stone, white long stone, there are also a little amount hornblende, biotite, green stone and some little minerals.
Only the mountain jade mostly from 2 -s 3 kinds of many color jades that constitute by apply color fasten, the familiar color has white, green, purple, yellow, red, black, brown and lately a fantastic pink color.
Only the grain of the mountain jade is thinner, grain the path is small in the 0.05 mms , the quality is delicate, strong and tough and fine, the glass or the grease sheen, transparent go to translucent, among them only the jade clarity is high.
The other jade kind present translucent go to tiny and transparent.

Fold the light rate 1.56 -s 1.70.
Degree of hardness 6.0 -s 6.5,
density 2.73 -s 3.18 gs/cm 3.
Only the Dushan mountain jade regards the tiny particle crystallize as principle, it is thus clear that dissolves eclipse explaination structure.
Same piece only the mountain jade anticipate and can appear in the meantime 2 the -s is 3 kinds of perhaps more colors, the color is fresh and gorgeous.Jade-green color only the mountain jade is thick to see be like jadeite,
if careful observation, green only the jade have a grain of form structure or dissolve the eclipse explaination structure, the main mineral contain inclined long stone,the jade-green color chrome mica, clarity good.The jadeite and nephrite present fiber intertexture structure.
Only the degree of hardness of the mountain jade is far larger than other jades, from constitute of the mineral degree of hardness is greatly with the result that.

According to color can only the mountain jade is divided into eight types.
The white is a jade only:Include white jade,dry white jade etc. of white jade,oil of water; Green only jade: Include green jade, green and white jade, pale blue jade, chrysoprase etc.;
Purple only jade: Include purple jade, bright palm tree jade; Huang is a jade only; Green only jade; Black only jade; Red only jade; Miscellaneous only jade.
Green only the jade is the good species of the mountain jade only.
Only the color of the mountain jade is very stable, depositting under the state of nature for thousand years, also fade in color, change countenance.
Evaluate and make choice of purchase only the mountain jade to want to see whether color is uniform or not, whether quality is delicate or not, the jade anticipates a piece of size.
With the jade-green color of the jadeite is the best and most sought after in China, requesting quality strong and tough,fine and delicate, have no crack, have no white line , have no miscellaneous quality, take near transparent or translucent as first grade.
Only the good species of the mountain jade often processes quit noodles and hang a piece,bracelet etc..

China adopts the history of the jade long ago, yellow mountain in south sun County sprout of the new stone implement is period of cultural object certificate, the as early as five and 6,000 year ago the ancientseses start develop with make use of only mountain jade.
Only the mountain jade color and luster is fresh and gorgeous, the quality is delicate, the clarity and sheen good, the degree of hardness is high, belonging to medium file jade to anticipate.
The handicraft product of the creation, enrich with it of color, good quality, elegant design with process, be subjected to deeply welcome at home and abroad

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