Burma Jade Sculpture Exquisite Burmese Jadeite Flower Basket Carving Handmade in China

jade carving burma jadeite

Museum Quality, Hand Crafted 100% Burmese Jade carving

This is a perfect example of the difference between Dushan Jade and Burma Jade.
Even though Dushan jade has 7 colors available from the mountain,
there is no other color stone like the beauty of Burma Jade.
Perhaps one of the most beautiful stones you will see.
This is a true natural color Burmese Jade Sculpture of A Flowers Basket Carving
This stone is the natural color of this Burma jade.
Absolutly not dyed or colored in any way!
An exceptionaly beautiful hand crafted sculpture as well.
This Carving was available to us in China but we did not even get the chance to buy it before it sold in China.

At least i have the photo to display true jade colors.
This sculpture was sold in 2005.
this color is very very rare.
This Photo was taken September 2005.
We do see similar stone from time to time and of course no 2 are alike but now we cannot import to the USA any Burma stone.

Approx Size: 12 in tall

As of 2008 the Jade Act has a boycott on all stone from Burma (Myanmar). so it cannot be imported to the USA and several other countries. We hope with the news of better relations in Burma this will soon end. Already some countries have lifted the ban and free elections are taking place in Myanmar.

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