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Artfiber Glass Decorative Art Glazing
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1675 Dogwood St.
Sweet Home ,Oregon 97386
PH: 541-359-4708
For Inquiries Please Email Us MAIL@ARTFIBERGLASS.COM


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We can Supply you With Any Kind Of Art Glass, In Any Amount!
New Designs For 2010 !
We Work Hard For You To Deliver The Very Best Products !
Please Write Us If You Need Any Type Of Glass!
Our Products

Artfiberglass Panels

Tempered Glass
Specialty Manufactured Glass For Construction
Tempered Glass

     Artfiberglass Tempered Glass Double Pane Panel Windows with Beautiful Artwork Inside
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Decoration Glass
Building Glass
Window Glass
Door Glass
Table Glass

See Our Fiberglass Panels
Artistic Handmade Panels
Ceiling Light
Defuser Panels
Shower Doors

write us:
1675 Dogwood St.
Sweet Home, Oregon USA 97386
Ph: 1-541-359-4708
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Hand Made In Asia


Hand Made Ceiling Defusers

Ceiling Defusers


New Imports

Jade Crafts

China Silk


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State of the art Machinery
Artfiber Glass Can Produce Large or Small quantities.  

Serving your Decorative Glass Needs Since December 2003.
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Like having your own personal factory working hard for you.
We are very flexable.

We Personally invite you to our company with friendly service!                     Jiangsu Changshu Xingfu Glass Found Capitol Co. ltd.                

A Close Working Group Both on the China side and the USA
We are working hard to bring you the best products for the best price.

Below you can see some glass from our Shanghai Area Factory.
The designs are formed deep in the glass.
some are deeply textured, embossed, or kiln-formed
as well as colored to be even more beautiful.
This is not just a fine etching on the surface

These Beautiful Designs are from 2 of our Southern China Factorys.
These Artistic Glass Panels Have The
Deep Image Embossed Kiln-formed Texture In Addition To Color.
We have many different and beautiful styles and art designs for you !


            YX fish                                       YX grapes

       Artfiberglass Glass Textured and Kiln-Fired with Beautiful Artwork Inside

JJING fish                                       JJING MAP

Meets Requirements  • We Will Meet
Your Requirements
Or your Custom Order
Email Us And we will
be happy to help you
find your product.

                      Sailing                          Storks

     These type glass we can have any design made for you.

We use the most modern
equipment to give you the highest
quality products.

Artsistic Designs From Our China Factory

Beautiful  Designs    

Heat Bending Our Specialty
Heat Bent Glass      

Meets RequirementsWe Will Meet Your Requirements •  Give Us Your Dimentions •
Custom Designs •
Large Orders •
no problem•

Any Questions Just Call Us
Contact Artfiberglass
Contact Us by email At Artfiberglass
Or Write; Artfiberglass
1675 Dogwood St.
Sweet Home ,Oregon 97386
PH: 541-359-4708

To Purchase: After contacting us to get your shipping costs and full price,
you can use PayPal to accept credit cards.
* Open Hours * 8am to 6pm Pacific Time- Monday thru Saturday (Closed Sunday and Holidays)

Custom Art Designs Are Welcome
Leaded Glass


Need To Order A Large Quantity Give Us An Email. We Will Be Happy To Help You
Construction Glass
Some of Our Bent Glass Designs

Contact Us By Email At Artfiberglass
Or Write; Artfiberglass
1675 Dogwood St.
Sweet Home ,Oregon 97386
PH: 541-359-4708

Customer Service: (541)-359-4708,

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