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100% Real Jade Carvings

Direct from the Jade carving factories in China.
All of these carvings must be shipped from China.
Past 2005 carvings Images from the 2005 Jade Museum. White stone items can be made again.
These are sold by now so check current pages for available art.

jade kwan Yin Han White Jade Statues
Various size   Han White Jade Kwan Yin and others like god of wealth, Longevity, Prosperity and Buddha.
These lovely and beautiful Han White Sichuan Jade Quan Yin and Buddha is made of 100% real White Jade.
Wonderful for your home, garden, or city Park.
They must be shipped from China, Factory Direct.
Our carver is perhaps one of the best in China,
all are made from one piece of Jade.
Price: Email Us
size =tallest is about 4ft tall
Large Jade Kwanyin and Buddha Status

More information and more photos.


jade statueStar or Deity of Longevity
Approx 3.5 ft tall  Han White Jade Carving
Beautiful carving of the Deity of longevity for a long healthy life.
He is holding his Dragon Staff.
If your interested Send an email.
He is made from one solid piece of White Jade.
SIZE: approx high is 110cm .long is 30cm. wide is 22cm . weight is 130kg.
Other sizes available from our factory
Price: Email Us
Han Sichuan Pure White Jade Garden Statue

More information and more photos.


Jade cow and horse Carving #Water Buffalo with kids.. NOT FOR SALE
12 Inch tall  Burma Jade Carving
This Beautiful Burmese Jade Carving is in the museum in central China.
This is made from one piece of Jade.
APPROX SIZE: L: 14", H: 8".
Email Us
Jade Buffalo Carving

More information

jade FlowerFlowers Basket In Jade
14 Inch tall   REAL BURMESE JADE Carving ... NOT FOR SALE
This Exquisite Burma Jade Carving is a 1 of a kind very special art work.
This Jade Carving is made from one piece of Jade.
This quality and color Burma Jade is rare and difficult to find
We keep this on our website to show true Burma green and lavender jadeite
APPROX SIZE: L: 12", H: 12".
Email Us
Jade Flowers Basket Carving

More information

Fluorite Vase ... SOLD
14" inch Tall   Fluorite Vases
These Vases are made of real stone turned on a machine.
These can be ordered direct from the factory in China.
If you are interested we can get them for you from China.
Approx Size: H: 14", W: 6'
Price: Email Us
Multi Color Fluorite Vases

More information and more photos.


Opalized Wood Carving .... SOLD
Aprox 30" Long   Petrified Wood
Opalized Wood Carving
This Stone is from some very beautiful Opalized wood that is natural. All hand carved.
It is absolutely made of 100% real Stone.
There is a scene of the camel traders moving the caravan across the mountains of China.
Approx Size H: 34cm, L: 75cm, W: 33cm. weight 130kg
Price: Email Us
Opalized Wood Carving

More information and more photos.


jade rabbit#Bunnies
10 Inch tall   REAL JADE Rabbits.. SOLD, But we can easily have more made
This carving is one piece and made of real jade. All hand carved.
It is absolutely made of 100% real Jade.
This exquisite piece is very beautiful and a rare find.
These cute little rabbits look like they will come alive.
Approx Size: H: 10", W: 8"
Price: Email Us
Jade Bunnies Carving

More information and more photos.

SHIPPING from china

jade Dog#Puppy Sleeping .... SOLD
8 Inch Long   "Manao" AGATE PUPPY CARVING ... SOLD, But we can make it again on request.
This Beautiful Exquisite Rare Carving is All hand carved.
It is absolutely made of agate they call manau.
This wonderful work of art is 1 of a kind.
If your a serious buyer We can try to get it for you.
Approx SIZE: L: 8", D::3", H: 4"
Price: Email Us
Agate Carving

More information and more photos.

Shipped direct from China

jade carving factoryStained Jade Carvings
These carvings are made of real jade with an added extra red color stain rubbed into the stone to add more beauty.
All hand carved.
It is absolutely made of 100% real Jade.
These are in the factory showroom in China.
Next pages there is another view of more of these wonderful carvings.
Prices: Email Us
Jade Stained Carvings

More information and more photos.

SHIPPING from China

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