11 Meter Tall Marble kwan Yin or Quan Yin White Marble Carvings

Quan Yin solid marble sculpture carving
quan yin

Custom Order #SOPguanyin_11m Marble 11 meter Kwan Yin
We have other large examples too
Museum Quality Hand Crafted 100% Marble carving art

Kwanyin and Buddha Carvings from one of the best carvers in Asia.
All are Exceptionaly hand crafted.
Our carver always keeps a good stock of these fine Quan yin carvings on hand.
A larger size like this must be special ordered.
We must order these direct from the carver and if not in stock allow 3-4 weeks normally for his crew to complete a new sculpture.

kwan yin

Our Carving factory in Asia will make any size you need direct the carving factory.
This marble is hard enough for a high polish.
Some marble is a little softer than others so ask which quality you require.
Marble hardness averages 2.3 on the Mos scale,
The harder marble which is a little more expensive is perfect for carving a fine finish to a nice shiny surface polish.
Harder stone will last for eternity outdoors. The lesser grade is quite good enough and should last more than 100 years we are told. The harder stone will polish better than soft stone.
Be careful which quality you get as some cheap stone is softer thus you see some at a cheap price.
If your a serious buyer , We can get one of these fine carvings for you in a few weeks time.

Approx size is approx 120 cm or 4' foot tall but 2' to 12' feet and even larger are possible.

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