Marble kwan Yin or Quan Yin Marble Statue

Quan Yin statue solid marble sculpture carving
quan yin statue

#SOPgy004 Kwan Yin This design can be made in any color marble.
Museum Quality Hand Crafted 100% Marble carving art

Kwanyin and Buddha Carvings from one of the best figurine carvers in Asia.
All are Exceptionaly hand crafted.
Most of the photos you see are yet unpolished.
They like to do this just before shipping so they look good on arrival as it is a very dirty place so it is better to do polishing at the last minute.
Our carver always keeps a good stock of these fine Quanyin carvings on hand.
Order direct from the carver. If not in stock allow 3-4 weeks normally for his crew to complete a new sculpture.

Our Carving factory in Asia will make any size you need.

White Marble:

White marble is rarely pure white. Some streaks of other colors can be present.
if you need a pure white we can ask the carver to locate a stone but it is hard to find in a single large piece at times.
Some marble is harder than others as well.
top quality marble is hard enough for a very high polish.
Other marble thatis a little softer will not polish to as high a luster, so let us know which quality you need.
Marble hardness averages 2.3 on the Mos scale,
The harder marble which is more expensive for the carver to buy for carving to a fine high shiny surface polish.
Harder stone will last for eternity outdoors.
lesser grades are quite good enough and should last more than 100 years we are told.
The harder stone will polish better than soft stone so it can make a difference.
Be careful which quality as some cheaper stone is softer also easier to carve thus you see some at cheap prices.
We can get either but if you are going to all the trouble to get a fine work of art you may as well have the best for your trouble.
We can get one of these fine carvings for you in a months time or less normally.

Approx Size is 120 cm or 4 foot tall. We can get them in any size but the shipping must be done via ocean freight with a 1 cubic meter minimum shipping fee.
Shipping is approx $90.00 per cubic meter to the west coast USA + fees.

Email US AT FOR PRICE.    Shipping Direct From China

Contact; Larry at Artfiberglass
Sweet Home ,Oregon 97386
PH: 541-359-4708
Email us for your order information

IMPORTANT !!!     To Purchase: After contacting us to get your shipping costs and full price,
you can use PayPal to accept credit cards.

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