Jade Carving Temple Sculpture Jadeite Temple Garden Carvings Handmade in central China

This wonderful Jade Temples garden carving is One of the most beautiful temple carvings we have seen to date.
High Quality Hand Crafted Jade color marble carving

jade carving

#CN0164 Size: 3 meters tall... SOLD
Width: 2.4 meter
Depth: 1.4 Meter.
Weight: approx 10 - 12 tons.
SOLD: Email Us at mail@artfiberglass.com for custom work!!
Shipping from China and Asia
As this carving is very tall, 3 meters high,
and cannot be laid on it's side because it is so delicate and complex art
This carving must be shipped in a special "Open Top" container.
The space this will take up on a ship that will cost additional for the space used.
Email for quotes.

  • Download Our Factory Video To see more of this fantastic sculpture.

    jade carving

    jade carving

    jade carving

    jade carving

    jade carving

    Real Jade Temple Garden Carving Exceptionaly Detailed and Hand crafted.
    This wonderful carving has many Ladies inside and around the temple garden.
    This Giant Temple Carving In Central China is made from a Single Large Piece of real Lushan Mountain Jade.
    There is a lady playing a Guzhen, Many activities all around this carving with flowers and fruit trees.

    Shipping is simple via Ocean Freight.
    This Photo was taken March 2006, It is gone now. It was still available January 2007!

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