Jade Carving Great Wall Temple Garden Sculpture Carving
Handcarved in central China

This wonderful Great Wall with Temples garden carving is another One of the most beautiful carvings we have seen.High Quality Hand Crafted Jade carving

jade sculpture carving

Size: 3.5 meters tall.
Width: 3.5 meter
Weight: approx 12 tons.
Price: CALL!!
Shipping from China to the west coast USA: Approx $4000.00 USD.

Real Jade Dragon and Phoenix with the Great Wall,Temples, A wonderful Garden Carving Exceptionaly Detailed and Hand crafted.
This wonderful carving has a winding Great Wall thru the mountains of China with several temples, A horse and cart, a bridge, And a Camel Train walking the Silk Road.
This Giant Dragon and Phoenix and Great Wall Carving is made from a Single Large Piece of real Lushan Mountain Jade.

Shipping is simple via Ocean Freight.
jade carvings jade carving garden sculpture photo image

Shipping is simple via Ocean Freight.
This Photo was taken March 2006, It is ready for your garden.

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