Marble Lions Statue Lion Lamp Light Sculpture Garden Carving
Our Lions Statues are Hand Carved from solid Marble

Marble Lions Statue

Marble Lions Light Lamps Marble garden carvings are hand carved from a very beautiful Natural sunset color marble.
Finely hand crafted and highly detailed Lion carving Statues.
Notice the fine carving detail on these 100% real solid marble lion statue sculptures.
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Marble Lions statue

Your host Larry, Owner of Artfiberglass,

marble lions at the house of katmandu Mallorca Spain

Our above fine pair of marble Lions were sold
and now happily reside in Palmanova-Magalluf Mallorca Spain at the world famous House of Katmandu.

marble lions at the house of katmandu Mallorca Spain

Also See a video clip, Click Here.

We can get another set made in about 6 -8 weeks if we are out of stock.


Lions Marble Lamp Light Sculpture Carving.
Great Entrance Decoration.

marble lions

Carved from natural solid marble blocks. Custom Base additional

marble Lions

We can ship this to you in just a few weeks time. Shipping from Asia to the west coast USA Seaport: Approx $65.00 USD per cubic meter shipping via ocean freight from Asia to the USA LCL container.

Real Marble
Shipping is simple via Ocean Freight.
This fine work of art can be ready for your Business, Ranch or garden in a short time.

Write or Call For Quotes
Size: H: 1.8 Meter.
Email us at for your order information

Or Write; Larry at Artfiberglass
Sweet Home, Oregon 97386
Ph 541-359-4708

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Feng Shui translates as "wind-water". By arranging and decorating your garden for relaxation or the rooms of your house you maintain balance in your life.

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