Partitions decorative art translucent fiberglass

Artfiberglass Partitions Art strong and Translucent.
Light passes thru, but images are obscured from a distance.


Great for showers and room dividers for the shoji effect.                          Use Artfiberglass around your hot tub or gazebo.


We also can make a panel opaque if needed as above.


A Shower Design                                                                           Ceiling Defuser Panels

Art Fiberglass has so many wonderful uses from Walls to Ceiling Light defuser panels.

Or this Fan Design just for decoration.

Artfiberglass Ceiling Light Panels
A New and different Light Panel.
Wall or Ceiling mounted.

New for 2008.

Call or write for Prices.
Phone: 1-541-359-4708
Write to: Artfiberglass
1675 Dogwood St.
Sweet Home ,Oregon 97386
PH: 541-359-4708

translucent partitions with art inside. artistic window or light. Artfibre is clear but has the fibre cloth inside. Artfiberglass can replace your glass sidelights.

Decorative windows, doors, Lighted, fiberglass. Panels in your Kitchen, ceiling, shower, skylight, overhead lighting, counter display. We can silkscreen the art or hand color the resin in them to look like stained glass. Obscure, architectural, not leaded glazing for storm door or window. Nearly unbreakable. Used in grocery store, nursury, market, day care, hospitol, dentist, office, garage, hot tub. Made in Malaysia, We are located in Eugene,Oregon. good for protective windows. tinted awnings, Counter Displays or walls.

Updated April 2008
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