Artfiberglass Shipping Information

Small orders can be shipped via Air Courier
We offer free quotes!
Large bulk orders and ceiling domes via ocean freight.
Either (LCL, "Less than a container load", price is approx $100 per cubic meter + Fees.).
Or "FCL" (Full Container Load)
Direct from the factory in Asia to the USA.

The most inexpensive shipping we have found are from the Asian Postal sevice Pos Laju.
DHL or Fed Ex can also be arranged on request.
Example: Note: Prices change constantly with oil prices and depending on your location.

A past shipping quote as in September, 2007, a quote for 3 panels shipping by air was $477.00 + Packing / export fees $50 = $527.60.
Divided by 3 = $175.87 per panel shipping.
Using this as an estimated guideline, Standard 2'x4' Panels Prices are $89.00 ea + S/h. $176.00 = $265.00 each delivered.
Or Approx. $33.00 per square foot.
Not too bad delivered for an actual hand made art work in your ceilings.
NOTE: Since this time we had a price increase to $103.00 per panel.

Artfiberglass is not a printed image.
It is an actual custom hand made to order work of art with the art and color completely sealed internally.
It cannot flake, rub off, or chip away.
When finished, Artfiberglass is strong enough you can beat it will a ball bat with little damage.

  • Artfiberglass 3mm thick weight is approx 0.45 kg per square foot. (Approx 1 LB Per SQ FT)

  • the packaging is also approx 0.40 kg per sq. foot.
  • 0.85 KG per sq ft. total panels and packing weight or approx (1.88 LBS.)

  • Please when Ordering send your:

    • Full Name
    • Design Number ( and webpage or page number if possible. )
    • Full Physical Street Address for shipping
    • NO (Po Box) Please.
    • State
    • Zip Code
    • Phone and Fax
    • Email Address
    • Other contact information
    • Quantity
    • Size
    • Special Instructions ( Color Change Etc. )
    • Custom Design Order Instructions ( Send Pictures, Drawings, if possible )

    • Make Checks Payable to: " Artfiberglass "

    We Allow 7 - 10 working days to clear checks before ordering

    Send payment to:
    1675 Dogwood St.
    Sweet Home, Oregon USA 97386
    Phone: 1-541-359-4708

    To Purchase on line after contacting us to receive your shipping costs and full price,
    We now offer a link to PayPal to accept credit and debit cards using the banner below.


    * Open Hours * 8am to 6pm Pacific Time- Monday thru Saturday (Closed Sunday and Holidays)

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