Artfiberglass Pricing

Artfiberglass Per Panel Prices
These do not include shipping or handling charges.

Standard Prices now are about   US $12.89   -   US $25.00 per Square Foot + S/H.

Size ----- 24 inch X 48 inch ---------- $103.00 + S/H
Size ----- 24 inch X 24 inch ---------- $55.95 + S/H

As the price of oil has increased unfortunately so have our shipping fees.

The below prices are from 6/2008 they have not changed much other than shipping has really gone up.

Look for the Code # on the left side to corrospond with the website codes.
Prices are estimated and subject to change!

Shipping fees
For example Air courior fees for 3pcs 2'x4' size. to Calif. 6/06.
packing/customs fees us$ 40.00
Air courier service us$ 214.40

2pcs 2'x4' size. to Calif.
packing us$ 40.00
Air courier service us$ 125.00

Call or write for other sizes.
Phone 541-359-4708
Use Artfiberglass in any application you would use stained glass!
Or just hang it on the wall in a light box. Each panel is an individual art project.
Or Write to: Artfiberglass
1675 Dogwood St.
Sweet Home, Oregon 97386
Prices Subject To Change Without Notice
Updated August 2008
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