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Chinese Silk Cheongsam ( CHI PAU )
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• Introduction of Chi - pau or ( cheongsam )

Chi-pau stems from a kind of long robe worn by both men and women of the north minority nationalities in China. To keep warm, the collar of the costume was made high and tight-fitting. Chipau has incorporated this feature, not just for preventing coldness but for the fine beauty of womanhood.

The collar of chipau generally takes the shape of a semicircle, its right and left sides being symmetrical, flattering the neck of a woman. Also, against the woman's lips and chin, it brings out her sex appeal.

The front of chipau is rather ordinary, loose and tight. To be more exact, its bust girth is appropriate. The design of the front of chipau is simple and flowing without any decoration. To display the breast of a woman, the designers make the waist girth appear as thin as possible to represent the high breast indirectly; by means of the flat back of chipau they highlight the wavy shape of the breast.

Chipaus may have a variety of sleeves. Consider chipau without sleeves first. Quite contrary to the traditional chipau with a protrusive front and tight waist, sleeveless, chipau exposes a woman's slender arms, making her feel comfortably cool, on the other hand, showing the ingenuity of the designer. For example, there are long-length sleeves, elbow-length sleeves, cornet sleeves, double sleeves, etc.

The cuffs of chipau are so varied that they are too numerous to mention one by one. The cuffs set off women's hands and wrists, to reveal the delicacy of their hand and their feminine beauty expressive of rich sentiment.

Chipau generally has two big openings at either side of the hem for convenient movement and display of the legs of the women. Unlike a short-length skirt, the openings of chipau expose a woman's legs indistinctly when she walks. Chipau can express the elegance of a woman's legs vividly and involve the most complicated and active aesthetic imagination.
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