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Art Fiberglass Panels have been tested by standards & Industral
Standard 3mm Thickness + -
Also Available 5mm Thick on special request
Research Institute Of Malaysia (SIRIM)
Properties Test Method


Bending Strength (MN/M2) SS 245 : 1981 Appendix B 96.8

Tensile Strength (MN/M2) SS 245 : 1981 Appendix A 50

Haze (%) ASTM D 1003 : 89 Procedure A 98

Heat Deflection Temperature (C) ASTM D 648 : 82
Rate :120 C/Hour 80
Load : 1.8 MPa (Fiber Stress)

Flammability (mm/min) ASTM D635 22

Weathering Using enclosed carbon are
----------------------------------------No Physical Changes Were Observed
-----------------------------UV-Ometer 100 Hours
-----------------------------63 C

Art Fibre Fiberglass Panel has also been tested by Merchandise Testing Laboratories
From Hong Kong (Also Recognised in USA, Taiwan & Singapore) for its standard quality

Properties----------------------Test Method-----------------Results


Bending Strength-----------B.S. 5669 : part 1---------------137 N/mm2

Chemical Resistance To : 75% Sulfuric Acid----------B.S. 2782 :Part B---------no obbservable effect
1.1 Detergent---------------------------------no obbservable effect
40 % Sodium Hydroxide ------------------------no obbservable effect

Flammability------------16 CFR 1500.44------------Less Than 0.1"/sec

Colourfastness properties--------AATCC 16(XEON)40/60
to light exposure---------After 40 Fade-O-meter hour class 4.5 AATTCC SCALE
--------------------------After 60 Fade-O-meter hour class 4.0 AATTCC SCALE

Transmittance to U V & ------In -House Method ------color panel---color panel

Visible Radiation----------wave length (nm):200 -------<0.3 ----------0.3
--------------------------------------------400 --------0.5 ---------- 0.5

Art Fiberglass is produced by using the German most high tech material and skills In Addition,
it is also incorporated with Malaysian experienced workers who took years until the best quality is acheived.
The Specialities of our Fiberglass are :
A.) We are able to place the Art Designs, company logos, wordings or Custom Art inside the transparent or color fiberglass.

B.) We can add a layer of ultra-violet protection on the fiberglass surface to reflect 90 % U.V. of the sunlight On request.

C.) Free Maintainance, you only need water to clean it due to the high quality material imported from Germany.
Protedtive Coating ; Jel Coat for U.V.resistance and Durability (for outdoor use only) Art Fiberglass Designed and Built one of the longest skylights in the World (495 Meter) Located In Shenzhen China.

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1675 Dogwood St.
Sweet Home, Oregon 97386
Phone: (1) 541-359-4708
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