Art Fiberglass

Art Fibre
Is Everyone’s Favorite
  • Designers and Architects…
    choose Art fiberglass for its attractive appearance and wide range of colors and Hand Made art designs.
  • Builders and Remodelers…
    enjoy working with Art Fibre because it’s easy to install, lightweight, and comes in a wide range of lengths and widths, which reduces cutting time and can be bent with a heat gun.
  • Business Owners…
    like Art fiberglass because it’s durable and resists most stains, chemicals, rust, and dents and will keep its attractive appearance for years, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Employees…
    love Art fiberglass because it’s sanitary and so easy to clean.
    Tough. Cleanable. Attractive.
    Now you can meet your customers’ toughest requirements with fiberglass wall, ceiling, door panels, suspended lighting and Sky lights that are as attractive as they are durable. Art fiberglass gives you a competitive edge with these outstanding benefits:
    This Product Is Hand Made,Each Panel Is A Masterpeice

    - Hand Made Artistic Designs
    - Easy to clean
    - Beautiful appearance
    - Resists stains, dents, cracking
    - Impervious to most chemicals, mildew
    - Easy to install
    - Never needs painting
    - Affordable
    - Custom Art Designs Available
    - UV Protection Available

  • Applications

    Residential Homes
    Storm windows and doors
    Night Clubs
    Store Fronts
    Fast Food Convenience Stores
    Restaurant and Institutional Kitchens and Dining Rooms

    Clean Rooms
    Computer Rooms
    Electrically Sensitive Areas
    Locker Rooms
    Research Laboratories
    School Classrooms and Halls
    Testing Rooms
    Wainscots in Shipping Areas
    Washdown Areas

    Animal Confinement Areas
    Dairy Barns
    Fitness Centers
    Indoor Tennis Courts
    Swimming Pool Areas
    Signs and Business Logos

  • Selection

    Super Smooth
    Maximum ease of cleaning where frequent washdowns are needed to maintain sanitary standards and appearance for more of a glass application.
  • Pebble Texture
    The traditional surface for easy maintenance and a sparkling look of cleanliness ideal for exterior or backlit lighting.
    All Artfiberglass panels are available in clear or colored with Art sealed internally from the same materials the main body is made so no separations,it contains special pigments that retain the bright, clean look with a clear exterior.
    Custom color matches are also available.
    Custom widths are available to 6 foot by 10 foot.
    The Art Fibre design means top value in fiberglass wall, ceiling,lighting and door panels.
    There’s a wide selection of colors and textures to meet your most demanding requirements – all easy to clean, easy to install, and attractive. Long lengths and a variety of widths make installation even easier.

  • Low Installation Costs
    Art Fibre panels go up quickly and easily. No special tools are needed, and there are no new techniques to learn, since Art Fibre panels install similarly to other types of glazing. Long lengths and a variety of widths can make installation even easier.

  • Techniques for Proper Installation
    1. Use panels with proper flexibility to conform to minor wall irregularities.
    2. Use appropriate adhesives together with mechanical fasteners (nylon drive rivets) and proper moldings.
    3. Allow for expansion at floors, ceilings, between panels.
    4. Pre-drill oversize fastener holes.
    5. Follow a precise pattern during fastening.
    6. For Ceiling and overhead lighting use 2' x 2' peices with a framework to reduce sinking and bending of panels.

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