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The following information is listed for FREE
Copy the following and send to:  artfiber1@yahoo.com
Name of Guide Service
Name of Guide
Type Of Service ( Fishing, Hunting, Tours, Trekking, Scuba, Shopping etc.)
Phone #:

NEW E-Mail Only Listing- Add your E-mail address link for $15.00 USD
Enhanced Listing
 Compare our price to what other web pages charge Currently we charge $35.00 USD for a combination Hyperlink (Link to your Home Page/ No frames) and E-mail link. We must charge to do the time consuming work and  Purchase of Search engine ranking and hits,(yahoo and some others charge $200.00 to be listed now if you would like our help in this please let us know.) etc.
We will also add a picture for $19.00 USD. And $29.00 USD if we scan the picture (One time fee unless you change pictures)

We can also design and set-up a home page for you. Contact us at artfiber1@yahoo.com
2 Pictures and Text added to the Page cost $35.00 per hour plus a monthly storage fee on the site of $9.50
Text changes are at a cost of $35.00 per hour with a one hour minimum.
 One Text change per year free!
Minimum One Year Contract and Payment. Total 1 year cost for a 1 page html ad page..**$99.00** USD See Example Webpage.
For small non USA based guide services
We understand some small companies in non USA countries have much less funds to work with. Also the excange rate of USD is quite hard to work with. So send us your request and we will try to work out a plan for you so no one will be left out.

For the small guide services

Exotictreks will scan your company logo/banner or business card. Logo files emailed or sent must comply to Exotic Treks standards - Pixel size no larger that 460 X 60, or you can make them in Microsoft Windows "Paint" and email it to us. Business cards will be made small enough 125 x 230 not to take up too much room. Animations are allowed , size of file must be less than 10K bytes or it will take forever to load. ( Arrangements can be made for larger files)  All listings will be put on the appropriate Page.  Send to: artfiber1@yahoo.com
or call phone or fax 1-541-359-4708

Resorts, Hotel, Motel, Travel, Tour, Company Ads

Placement of 1 Banner Ads with ExoticTreks cost $149.00 per year currently. As the number of user sessions grow and as the workload increases we will keep you posted as to our progress. These prices are subject to change. Our projected Goal is 200 listings this year in as many catagories as possible  Current ad pricing is $15.00 per month  All contracts are for a minimum of 3 months, but by getting longer contracts you lock in your price.  Maximum Length of contract is 1 year.
General Banner Ads are Industry Standard Size of 460 X 60 Pixels Smaller Banners will be billed at a price to be determined by the Exotic Treks advertising department, based on size of the ad or file.

Banners of 230 X 30 can be placed in the body of a page for a price of $90.00 for 1 year.
Text Ads can be placed at any location for a cost of $45.00 per year for 1 Banner and Text ads will be placed at the discretion of ExoticTreks based on the load time of the page. If load times get to high, banners for pages will be refused for the benefit of all the guides on the pages.
Thank You For Your Intrest in Exotic Treks Guide Listing Service. Regards, Larry Pruitt

Make all Checks payable to:
Larry Pruitt's Exotic Treks
1675 Dogwood St.
Sweet Home, Oregon USA 97386

or Phone or fax 1-541-359-4708

Tour And Travel Companies
We Will Use The Standard Commission System For Tour Companies and Travel Agencies and Affiliates as it applies.

Air Fare:
All of our air fare affiliates will be soley responsable for their affairs we are not held resposable for these travel arrangements. It will be up the the customer to use these services as they see fit to choose the price and air fare they are happy with.

Search Engines
We are currently listed high in the www.nbci.com search engine and are working on the others to improve on them also. At nbci try the keywords exotic treks vacations
also We are currently listed high in the www.msn.com search engine and are working on the others to improve on them also. At msn try the keywords exotic fishing treks or exotic hunting treks.

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Other Questions contact Exotic Treks Tours for additional prices or questions.

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Prices Subject To Change Without Notice!! ( prices are NO LONGER VALID. ) Last Update July 2010