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Travel Log

October 7, 2003 - December 4, 2003, Flew to Hong Kong and traveled by bus and train to the cities you see marked on the map.

I flew from the USA to Hong Kong on China Airlines via Taipei.
After arriving in Hong Kong at 10:00 AM Oct 7, 2004, I then rode a bus to Shenzhen China ($175.00) HKD. Directly from the Airport.
( you can do it cheaper you will see below).
Shenzhen is very modern, fast paced, and very busy. It has some great things to see and do ( "Splendid China" was great) with very good food.

After a few days in Shenzhen China, I rode the bus North to Guangzhou, in Guangdong Province.

Guangzhou is a very large city and alot to see and do with many beautiful parks and also great food. You can get some good bargains there.

After 2 weeks in Guangzhou I went by bus about 10 hours west to Nanning in Guangxi Province.
Just a short over night stay in Nanning ( I rented a room just down to the left of the bus station only $70 RMB.(about USD $8.50).
Next afternoon I caught a bus north about 2.5 hours to Liuzhou, ( Which is my favorite place ) near Guilin.
From there I rode the #K143 train with a soft sleeping room, (Ruan Wo) $338.00 RMB for 24 hours north to Chongqing in Sichuan Province.
I planned to ride the boats down the Yangtzi River but it started to rain and was getting quite cold. So I decided not to ride the 4 day trip on the boat in the rain. The Food in Chongqing as very spicy hot (HEN LA !!!) for you chile lovers.
After a week in Chongqing, and extending my visa there. I rode the #K73 Express Train W/Soft Sleeper on a 54 hour trip to Shanghai. $653.00 RMB.
I had some business in Changsha just North of Shanghai.
After a short time in Shanghai and surrounding area, I rode the #K47 Express Train Southwest back to Guangzhou 24 hours. Again i had a soft sleeper room. $584.00 RMB.
Then by bus 60 RMB. about 3 hours back to Shenzhen.
Then from the Lo Wu border thru imigrations, and to the KCR train to the Sheung Shui station $20.00 HKD. Just a few minutes ride to the first stop then get off.) Then by the "Airbus" #43 just outside the station to the left. (back to Hong Kong to the Airport about 40 minutes ride.
The A43 Airbus from Sheung Shui direct to the airport is only $28.00 Hong Kong Dollars (Be sure to have exact change).
On Dec 4, 2003 I flew to Singapore and went over to Malaysia ( This is the 3rd trip to Malaysia for great food ) until Dec 15th 2003. When i sadly had to come home. I then flew back to Hong Kong in the morning arriving at 10AM and took a day trip to Shenzhen China and back to the Airport at Hong Kong for the trip home at about 9 pm. December 16th I flew home on China Airlines to the USA via Taipei and San francisco Calif. to Oregon.

Well as you can see I now have pretty good experience in Asia so if you need a helping hand just let us know.

Chinese resturant food in Shenzhen China
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