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Surf Off Pulau Mentawai
Surfing Adventures With Exotic Treks
Of Course You Could Go To Hawaii... or, NOT fight the crowds and go to ...
BALI - Waves of the Gods
LOMBOK & SUMBAWA - Perfectly Pristine
G-LAND & NUSA LEMBONGAN - Full Adrenalin
WEST JAVA & MALDIVES Wild west surfari's
MENTAWAI Is. - NIAS - HINAKO Is. The outer frontiers
SUMBA & ROTE Is. & SUMATRA - - hidden paradise

MENTAWAI Islands.  - swell searchers
The Mentawais are open to almost every swell direction as the islands block swell reaching mainland Sumatra. It has over 12 "World-class" reef breaks making it one of the most surf infested regions in the world. All standards of surfer will be able enjoy the variety and the consistency of the surf. Many boats are available catering for budget surfers to surfers that want to make there trip as memorable as possible - luxury yachts. 11 nights Mentawai boat charter itinerary (7 nights charter available for group bookings of min (6pax). Various standard boats available from luxury to budget. The best and safest boats operating in the Mentawai Islands.   Sunrise arrival at the Mentawais' for your first day of surfing. Next 10 days spent cruising the Mentawai Island chain surfing a choice of many great breaks. Each boat has an experienced crew and captain or surf guide that will get you the best waves everyday. All boats are equiped with fishing and snorkelling gear and Island exploring and meeting the local people is an option when not surfing.

SOUTHERN INDONESIA: (near Australia)
Rote Island is the furthest southern point of Indonesia, with beautiful unspoilt beaches combining amazing surfbreaks (onshore and offshore), pockets of lush tropical rainforests, savannah's and rolling hills ending in sheer cliff. A tropical paradise that has been kept untouched and unspoiled from tourism for so long. You now have the chance to experience this Indo-dream. For confident surfers.

Nembrala Beach is the best base area, with T-LAND "claiming to be the best LEFT-hand wave in Indonesia " located directly out the front. This can be surfed on all tides. With rides 200metres long. It is less crowed than G-land and longer. Another 10 great surf breaks ranging from peaky rights to barrelling lefts.  Also fishing and snorkelling is available (but please bring your own snorkelling gear).

- a left-hander a fun lumpy left, can create a 5 metre face on this wave.
Peanuts & Bo'a
- 2 more left-handers on the mainland of Roti, 1/2 hour from Nembrala (shallow reef)
N'Dau Island
- (access by boat) Both the left and right-hander are fast and steep.
Do'o Island
- (access by boat) Claimed to be the longest right hander in Indonesian archipeligo. Some several hundred metres of perpetual motion. Do'o is sheer and fast and can be very fickle.
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Surfing In Sumatra

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Amazing Surf off Pulau Mentawai, Sumatra
Exotic Treks Presents "Man Equator Guru's" Surfing in Sumatra .
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A few pics from Mentawai

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