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1994 - 2003 S-10 / GMC S-15 Truck Parts.


'98 - 2003 S-10 Front end,( will fit from 94 up).
Stock Length Front End clip with 4" or 6" Lift Off Cowl Hood #GTs1082704, Price= $1350.00 + S/H

Weight=28 Ships: Truck Freight.

S 10 Truck Fiberglass

In this Picture the Front end and hood is A Lift off Hood.


Stock Front clip with non opening stock hood, Price = $1350.00 + S/H,
Part #GTs1082703. Weight: 24 lbs.

Stock Front clip with lift off hood, 4" or 6" inch cowl, Price = $1350.00 + S/H,
Part #GTs1082704, Weight: 28 lbs.

Front end only NO Hood = $950.00. Part #GTs1082704B,

Pro Extended front End clip with Extended lift off hood, 4" or 6" inch cowl, Price = $1450.00 + S/H,
Part #GTs1082705, Weight: 30 lbs.

S 10 Truck Fiberglass

Photo above: Pro Extended Front End Is Extended 12 Inches Behind Wheel Opening.

Below is one of our customers S10 trucks with the extended front end.

Fiberglass S 10 Truck Front End

Complete 1994- 2003 (1998 mold), S-10 Body, Extended Cab. Opening Doors. One Piece Front End, Stock Style Hood,
Price = $4450.00 + S/H, Weight approx 110 Lbs. * Standard Cab body $4250.00 + S/H Part #GTs1082706.

Fiberglass S 10 Truck Body

Fiberglass S 10 Truck


1994 - 2003 S-10 Extended Cab, (CAB ONLY), With opening Doors, $2150.00 + S/H.
Part #GTs1082714.

Extended cab, with closed doors, $2150.00. Part #GTs1082715

Regular Standard cab, with open doors, $1950.00. Part #GTs1082716

Regular Standard cab, with closed doors, $1750.00. Part #GTs1082717


Long Bedsides, (92" long, 45" front to wheel opening center, No lips for tailgate.), Price= $900.00 a pair,
Part #GTs1082707, Weight: 12 1/2 lbs. each Ships: Truck Freight

Part #GTs1082707B,Long Bedsides, (92" long ),But with 60" inch front to center of wheel and 40" wide wheel opening
for pull trucks. Price= $900.00 a pair,

S 10 Truck Fiberglass

Bedsides short, (76" long, Has lip for tailgate, front to center of wheel opening = 36" )Price= $800.00 a pair,
Part #GTs1082708,
Weight: 9-1/2 lbs each. Ships: Truck Freight.


S-10 Doors With Posts. Lexan Use only. Price= $800.00 Pair, Part #GTs1082709,
Weight= 9.5 lb each, Ships: Truck Freight.

S 10 Truck Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass S 10 Truck door


95-2003 Flat Pin On Stock Style Hood.
Part #GTs1082702, Weight=12 Ship: Truck Freight Price= $399.00 + S/H.

98-2003 Extended Flat stock style Pin On Hood with 12" extra length at back,
Part #GTs1082703, Price= $399.00 + S/H. Weight=12 Ships: Truck Freight
(You cut to length as many like this long for their custom front end you have plenty to work with then you can remove your wipers.)

95-2003 Extended 4" Pin On Hood with (Narrow Cowl Panel).
This Narrow Cowl Hood is 4 inches tall around mid hood and all the way back.
  Part #GTs1082710 Price= $450.00 + S/H. Weight=12 Ship: Truck Freight
NOTE: Cowls are longer in the back to go all the way to the windshield.
(Has about 12" extra length so can be cut if desired
also is about a 1/2" wider than stock so you can place a bit of a bow in it.), Weight: 10- 14 lbs.
Hood measures 55" inch long and at the cowl is 62" inch long
The back of the cowl is about 14" top and 22" at bottom.

Fiberglass S 10 Truck

Pin On 6" inch cowl Hood, Part #GTs1082711, Price = $450.00 + S/H.
Ships: Truck Freight

All hoods have a closed cell foam laminated in them for stiffeness.
Cowls are longer in the back to go all the way to the windshield.
(Has about 12" extra length so can be cut if desired
also is about a 1/2" wider than stock so you can place a bit of a bow in it.), The 6 inch cowl at the widest point at the bottom of cowl is 36 inches and top is 28 inches. Weight: 10- 14 lbs.

Fiberglass S 10 Truck

S-10 Tailgate, Part #GTs1082713, Price = $225.00 + S/H.

Fiberglass S 10 Truck

Also available the S-10 Tailgate with roll pan attached, Price = $250.00 + S/H.


S-10 DASH, Part #GTs1082718, Price = $275.00 + S/H.

Fiberglass S 10 Dash


Fiberglass S 10 Bumper

S-10 Front Bumper, Part #GTs1082719, Price = $225.00 + S/H.



Sweet Home, Oregon 97386
USA: Phone 1-541-359-4708

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