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Also Lightweight Fiberglass Hoods Fenders, Doors, Trunk, Bumpers

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Lexan Window Kits
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NOTE: Because we make so many parts we are unable to stock everything.
Current Time frame is at 4 to 5 Weeks to ship your parts.
Please keep in mind Shipping and Handling (Box or Crate) is Extra and will vary depending on your location.
All Truck Freight Items are sent Freight Collect.
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Fiberglass Auto Body Art

Lightweight Fiberglass Hoods Fenders, Doors, Body Shells

Lexan Window & Door Kits.
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Lexan Available In Both Standard And Scratch Resistant-(MR10)

Most of our Lexan are flat and not preformed unless noted.

Shipping Time On Lexan Is 2 To 3 Weeks. Shipping is Extra
- Please Email
Or Call 1-541-359-4708 For Order and Shipping Details.

Lexan Windshield / Rear Window and Door Installation Kits

Lexan Window

#611, Pair, door window frame install kit with pre welded frame tabs to attach to the lexan. Price = $220.00 + S/H.

This kit has everything you need for your door window frames. Including 4 tensioner rods, and all installation hardware.

#(510) Windshield installation kit flush mount with 9/16" spacer price = $55.00 ea + S/H.

( 1 kit required per window )

#(510) Rear Window installation kit flush mount with 9/16" spacer price = $55.00 ea + S/H.

Also available in a #(504) with 1/4" spacer and #(500) with 3/8" spacers available for those wanting to use the original trim.
The #(510) kit with 9/16" thick spacers are normally used for flush mounting. LEXAN PAGE

Additional Items

  • Single flute countersink bit for $13.40

  • #(620) Door window lexan screw kit, #6 Stainless 1/2" Long Screws & Nuts, 26 pc per pack. = $15.00

  • #(620) Windshield or Rear Window Screw kit = $15.00.
    (#6 Stainless Screws and Nuts, (26) per pack

  • #(820) Windshield or Rear Window Screw kit = $22.80.
    (#8 Stainless Screws and Nylock Nuts 50 per pack

    Please specify when ordering the #820 whether needing the 1" long screw (which comes with the #504 & #500), or the 1 1/4" long screw (which comes with the #510 ).
    These screws are the flat, countersunk , stainless screws with zinc plated nylock nuts.

    #620 are same type screws, (1/2" long), just a little smaller with stainless nylock nuts.

  • Door Hinge Kits

  • "Sportsman" Door Hinge Kit, (one piece mild steel). Price= $110.00 + S/H. for the set of Hinges

    Sportsman Hinge Kit


  • "Pro" Door Hinge Kit, (Two Piece Moly). Price= $199.99 + S/H. for the set of Hinges

    Pro Door Hinge Kit


  • Inside Door latch linkage kit = $119.00 Pair
    Includes; Alum. handles, clevis, brackets & hardware.

    Inside Door Latch Linkage Kit

  • Door latch Striker kit Latch mechanisms, Strikers & Hdwr. price = $102.00 Pair. S/H Additional.

    Sportsman Hinge Kit



    Windshield / Rear Window Installation Kits:

  • # 504     Kit comes with 1/4" x 3/4" x 15' rubber spacer     $55.00
  • # 500     Kit comes with 3/8" x 3/4" x 15' rubber spacer     $55.00
  • # 510     Kit comes with 9/16" x 3/4" x 15' rubber spacer     $55.00
  • These kits also come with:

    For Windshield

  • 40 stainless screws
  • 40 nylock nuts
  • 12 stainless sheet metal screws (use on sides / A Pillar when needed)
  • 15' rubber spacer
  • *1 (5 oz) tube of black super weather strip adhesive
  • 1 instruction sheet
  • For Rear Window

  • 50 stainless screws
  • 50 nylock nuts
  • *1 (5 oz) tube of black weather strip adhesive
  • Note: When ordering two kits for the windshield & rear window only 1 tube of black super weather strip adhesive is included.

    1).   Remove old window from the vehicle. Clean the window track, scraping all of the old adhesive away to insure a good bond with the new adhesive.

    2).   Trial fit the rubber spacer, cutting away any excess length. Most windshield installations do not need the rubber across the bottom, as the Lexan will lay flat on the body area in front of the dash (Normally when there is no cowl panel behind the hood). The rubber may need to "taper down" at the bottom part of the sides (options: belt sander works well / or use a sanding block with 30, or 60 grit paper, or grinder) for this to occur. Next, using the weather strip adhesive, glue the rubber to the window mounting flange and clamp until dry.

    3).   Laying Lexan on the installed rubber spacer, trial fit Lexan to the opening until satisfied. Ultimately there should be 1/16" - 1/8" gap (for flush mounting) between the body and the window at all areas of the opening. Outline the window mounting flange on the Lexan paper (use masking tape if paper has been peeled back) for making and spacing of the mounting bolt holes (3-1/2" to 4" spacing is common).

    4).   Using a 7/32" drill bit (oversize allows for heat expansion), drill the mounting holes slowly going through the rubber and mounting flange. Countersink all the holes in Lexan to fit the bolt head (CAREFULLY! THIS DOES NOT REQUIRE MUCH PRESSURE).

    5).   Clean away all shaving. You are now ready to paint the inside edge of the Lexan if a finished look is preferred. Tape off the width wanted for a painted border. The area to be painted will need to be sanded.

    6).   Bolt the window in place top and bottom, starting in the middle and working out to the sides. Tighten the screws so that Lexan is snug against the rubber. Over tightening will make the Lexan appear "wavy" and could cause splintering around the mounting holes.



    We also can order Light Grey Tinted Lexan that is scratch resistant.
    Price is around 20% more than the clear.

    NOTE: We can order the "Dark" lexan, however, NHRA will only allow this light tint we are told so check before ordering.

    Light Tint:

    Light Tint Lexan

    Dark Tint:

    Dark Tint Lexan

    Light Tinted Lexan and Dark Tint Lexan.
    Dark Tint Lexan


    Sweet Home, Oregon 97386
    USA: Phone 1-541-359-4708

    IMPORTANT !!!     To Purchase:Shipping is direct from the factory in the USA to your door.
    After contacting us to get your shipping costs and full price,
    you can use PayPal to accept bank cards.

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