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Fiberglass Mounting Kits

Custom Fiberglass Parts
Made In The USA!!

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Artfiberglass parts are the highest quality
ARTFIBERGLASS   Sweet Home, Oregon 97386. Phone # 1-(541) 359-4708.

NOTE: Because we make so many parts we are unable to stock everything.
Normal Time frame is at 5 to 6 Weeks to ship your fiberglass parts.
However busy seasons, Oct - April, can range much longer.
Please keep in mind Shipping and Handling (Box or Crate) is Extra on some items and shipping will vary depending on your location.
All Truck Freight Items are to be Prepaid Freight.
UPS shipping is also to be prepaid. Prices on this website are subject to change without notice.

Front End Mounting Instructions.

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Fit two Dzus fasteners at the bottom of the front end, Mount two Dzus plates behind them to the car.

Cost of Mounting Kit=199.00

Made From lightweight Chromoly Tubing

Mounting Kit Includes:

A. 4" x 4" Plates, 6 total

B. 1" x 48" Center Tube

C. 7/8" x 16" End Tube

D. 1" x 6" Slip Tube

E. 1-1/8" x 6" Slip Tube

Not Included: Dzus Fasteners

Tip: Tack weld the kit together inside of the front end,

then remove it to finish welding it outside of the front end.




Click On The Thumbnails Below For Installation Photo's




A. 4" x 4" Plates get temporarily riveted to the sides of the fenders, the lower pan and the upper pan.

B. Fit Long tube "B" and end tubes "C" for length, then weld plates on the end tubes"C".

Next weld the end tubes"C" to the long tube"B"

C. Weld Slip tube "E" to the cars front frame rails.

D. Fit slip tube"D" to the center Tube"B", Making sure "D" Slip tube is aligned to fit inside slip tube "E",

Now Weld slip tube "D" to the center tube"B".

E. Fiberglass over "A" plates to hold it in the front end. Or rivet them in place.

F. You will need a Set up Dzus Plates and Buttons. Not Included in kit. but can order from Summit.


The gelcoat is ready for paint.
However, like with all of our products...for the best possible finish, we do recommend curing the items prior to painting.
This can be done in one of two ways...
The first is by using the Hood, bumper or other part on the car for a minimum of 30 days.
The second (quicker method), is to have the body shop "bake" the hood or put the car out in the sun for a day or so, if they live somewhere with warm temps (with the hood or bumper on it of course).
This allows the gelcoat to harden...since it is freshly made when ordered.
Once the item cures, they can be lightly blocked (to scuff the surface) and then primed and painted.


Installing the pin on style hoods, we generally recommend about 10-13 of these pins around the entire parimeter of the hood...
this ensures a good snug fit. As well as safe at high speeds so it will not blow off.
Some of our hoods require trim to fit especially at rear if going to fit up to the windshield.

Our factory suggests pinning the front of a bolt on hood as well for safety.
Don't just trust the latch plate sandwiched in between the hood and frame.

Pro Door Hinge Kits. Price=180.00 for the pair 2 piece moly

Door Hinge Kit

The most precise door hinge available! Our kit features 4 door mounting pads for customized mounting locations

,as well as 4 Backing plates, allowing for more accurate door alignment and easier door removal.

Just open the door and lift off!

Made From lightweight Chromoly Tubing

To use your stock hinges,

You will need to sandwich an aluminum backing plate between the hinge and door to add strength to that area.
There are impressions to show where to cut these areas out.
Same for the handles and locks should you be going this route...
we recommend adding some washers behind the bolts for added strength.


  • Sportsman Door Hinge Kit, (one piece mild steel). Price= $110.00 + S/H. for the set

    Sportsman Hinge Kit


  • "Pro" Door Hinge Kit, (Two Piece Moly). Price= $180.00 + S/H. for the set

    Pro Door Hinge Kit


  • Door latch linkage kit = $119.00 + S/H.
    Includes; Alum. handles, clevis, brackets & hardware.


  • Door latch kit Latch mechanisms, Strikers & Hdwr. price = $102.00 Pair + S/H Additional.

    Sportsman Hinge Kit


    Door Frame Kit

    Sweet Home, Oregon 97386
    USA: Phone 1-541-359-4708

    IMPORTANT !!!     To Purchase:Shipping is direct from the factory in the USA to your door.
    After contacting us to get your shipping costs and full price,
    you can use PayPal to accept bank cards.

    * Open Hours * 9am to 5pm Pacific Time - Monday thru Friday (Closed: weekends and Holidays)

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