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Change the feeling of your space
Create a less stressful environment
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Technical Information

24" x 48" ceiling tile showing edge detail

24" x 24" ceiling tile with recessed edge detail
(special order only)

We use commercially available, fire retardant, acoustic ceiling tiles.

The brand or style of the tiles used may change due to availability or pricing.

Ceiling tiles are inherently fragile due to their material and construction.

Our printing process does not improve this characteristic.

Care should be used in installation to prevent damage to imaged areas of tiles.

UV printer printing nine tile image for public library ceiling.

Images are directly printed using UV curing acralate based inks and the printing will not peel or delaminate from the tile under normal, interior conditions.

Imaged tiles are fade resistant and will provide years of vibrant colors.

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Ph: 1-541-359-4708

Acoustic Tile

We print our ceiling art directly on the highest quality acoustic tiles.
Our accoustic tiles are class "A" rated in flame spread and smoke generation, the best rating available.
Our tiles also feature fiberglass backing, which provides noise reduction and insulation.
For specific test results please contact us.

Our Custom Acoustic Tiles come in two standard sizes, 24"x24" and 24"x48" which fit in a standard size drop ceiling grid.
We can also cut the tiles to a custom size to meet your needs.

Our Acoustic Tile Ceilings are a great, cost-effective way to improve the feel of any room.
In a hospital or clinic setting, ceiling murals can help patients take their mind off of their ailment and focus on healing,
greatly increasing their overall mood and comfort. Whatever the environment, We can make it more calm and relaxing.


Light Lens

Light Lens are printed directly on our translucent tiles.
Our standard tile sizes are 24"x24" or 24"x48", which fit standard grid sizes.
Tiles can be cut to fit your custom size lighting grid as well.
Light Lenses bring the bright vibrant colors of the outdoors back inside with you!

The luminous colors in our sky ceiling provide a soothing natural environment that is much more conducive to healing than a bland colorless ceiling.
In any room, Light Lenses provide a more open feeling, rather than feeling "boxed in" inside a plain, lifeless atmosphere.

Our Light Lenses can be used in either a trough lighting situation or in a drop ceiling with a light suspended above.

Note: Because Light Lens translucent tiles are installed in your existing lighting, the light output of the fixture will be decreased.


Cutting Instructions:

Table Mounted or Portable Circular Saws: