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ceiling lens, light lens, acoustic tiles with photos printed on the surface, design 2114,Puffy Clouds

2114,Puffy Clouds Custom Ceiling
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Ceiling lens, light lens, acoustic tiles with photos printed on the surface

Multi or premium Image Light Lens Prices:

Light Lens, Size: 23~13/16" x 47~3/4", Price: $275.00 ea. + S/H
Light Lens, Size: 23~15/16" X 23~15/16" inch, Price: $137.50 ea + S/H

Large image layouts possible, Quoted per job.

Our NEW Light Lens Panel .080 thick is much stronger and more durable than previous used acrylic.
Our light lens panels also self- extinguishing for improved fire resistance !

Multi or premium Image Acoustic Ceiling Tiles,
Size: 2'x4', Price: $125.00 ea + S/H
Size: 2'x2', Price: $65.00 ea + S/H

Tiles are also 1/4" inch under size for easy installation
Larger layouts quoted per job.

Custom Image Choices
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These new custom order sky light lens images can be croped for 2'x4' or 2'x2'. Larger area sizes are possible.
Send item number with email request to
Available in acoustic ceiling tiles or Ceiling light lenses

2 pcs.   2'x2' Panels   |   4 pcs.   2'x2' Panels  |   6 pcs.   2'x2' Panels  |   9 pcs.   2'x2' Panels

1 pcs.   2'x4' Panels  |   2 pcs.   2'x4' Panels  |   3 pcs.   2'x4' Panels

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